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Step 1

Free Fitness Consultation

We believe every individual is unique and this gives us the opportunity to get to know you and determine the best path to help you reach your health and fitness goals. During this 40 to 60 minute meeting we will show you the gym, review your goals and training history and explain our different membership options. We will also take you through a short sample workout appropriate to your current fitness level so you can experience our training. We will then decide together which option will be best for you.


Step 2

Elements Intro Classes

Our Elements Classes are a series of 4 introductory sessions. You will join others that are new to CrossFit and our coaches will teach you all the movements and techniques seen in our regular classes. We will spend the time to make sure you can perform the exercises safely and correctly by taking you through various progressions and giving you lots of time to practice. Upon completion of the Elements classes you will have the confidence to move into our regular classes.


Step 3

Long Term Program

Our CrossFit classes are designed to have you feeling strong, lean and fit so you are ready to enjoy pursuits outside the gym. We focus on building a solid foundation of movement, strength and conditioning. Every class is fully programmed and coached so you just need to show up and be ready to work hard and have some fun. The coach will take everyone through the workout and make sure you are doing each movement properly and help you modify anything as needed. You will be surrounded by other members with a wide range of fitness abilities that are there to support and encourage you.

Visit our Getting Started for more on information on our process to get you looking and feeling like an athlete again.


“In the past year I have made incredible fitness gains and am now in the best shape of my life!”

 Zia. M


Member Management Software Change

Hey Guys!

Just wanted to give you all a heads up that we are switching our member management platform from MindBody to PushPress™. We’re super excited about this transition as it will allow us to run the gym more efficiently, free up our time so we can focus more on being better coaches and spend more time on the gym floor with you all.

This process will take place over the next few weeks. Expect an email from the new system requesting you set up and verify the existing information we have on file for you. The subject line will be “Action Needed – 5 Valleys CrossFit Migration Request.” This email will be sent on Wednesday March 14th.

When you get a spare moment, please use the link in the next email from us to update your account information. The faster everyone can complete this the faster we can start using our fancy new system! (:

Once your information is updated in PushPress look out for a few more emails to finish your setup process.

  • One email will contain a new waiver that we need everyone to sign as we will no longer be using SmartWaiver. This will allow us to have a valid waiver for everyone on file after the switch.
  • You will also receive a Membership Agreement to sign which outlines all of our gym policies. IMPORTANT: this agreement uses our updated pricing. Your payments will remain the same that you are currently paying so disregard the price if varies from your current payment. (:
  • The last email will have a link for you to set up a Pin for your account. This pin will allow you to log in to the new member portal app where you can sign in to classes, purchase retail and see the class schedule including who will be coaching.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, you can always catch me in the gym or email me at

Thanks again,
Ian Marshall

Saturday, March 17th

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!!

A) 3 rounds
16 Barbell Rev Lunges (8 each leg)
45 sec Plank/Weighted Plank

B) 21 minute AMRAP
Partner A) 400m Run
Partner B) AMRAP
17 Wallballs
17 Box Jumps
17 Toe to Bar
change when partner gets back from run
continue AMRAP from where partner finished

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Our Coaches

Our outstanding coaching staff will help you achieve your fitness goals by ensuring your technique is safe and sound, challenging you at an appropriate level and ensuring you are having fun and seeing results.


Our Programs

5 Valleys CrossFit is a Strength and Conditioning facility located in Missoula, MT.  Our clients range from busy mums and dads, school teachers, corporate workers to young competitive athletes.


Our Community

The programming at 5 Valleys CrossFit encompasses all aspects of fitness so you make consistent improvements in strength, endurance, mobility, power and speed, not to mention developing a lean and fit body.

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