Driven Nutrition

     We get a ton of questions about what supplements people should be taking. There are so many options out there and so much information that it can be nearly impossible to make a decision. We have been thinking about carrying some supplements for quite some time, but struggled to find the right fit. We were looking for a company that made very high quality products at a great price. After doing a lot of research and checking out different companies, we’ve finally decided to partner with Driven Nutrition. You can check out their website here. 

They work with a ton of CrossFits and definitely look like they have the best products at the best price. We’ve done a small order to test them out and will be doing a sample day on Friday Dec. 8th from 3 to 6pm

It’s important to remember that you can’t out supplement a bad diet. If you are consistently eating a bunch of highly processed, sugar laden foods, adding some whey protein or pre-workout is not going to magically get you the results you are looking for. You want to make sure and dial in the basics of good nutrition first before you think about supplementing. Click here to see our Nutrition Steps to Success. Once you have the basics down, supplementing is a great way to reach new levels of performance and help with quality options, especially when you are on the go.

I currently am testing these four:

  • Driven Whey – Grass Fed Whey (I will either add it to a shake with frozen berries and spinach or have it post workout with just water if I am not going to be able to eat for awhile)
  • Omega Drive Fish Oil
  • His Multivitamin
  • Amino – Branched chain amino acid I will have during workouts

On Friday, we will have Pre-WOD, Disrupt (pre-workout + BCAAS), BCAAS, and Whey Protein in Chocolate, Strawberry and Vanilla flavors for you to try. There will be limited amounts on hand to buy on Friday, but will be putting in a larger order by Monday.

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