Monday, Oct 9th

A1) 200m Jog/ 250m Row x 4
A2) Barbell Good Mornings 4×8
directly into
A3) Barbell Reverse Lunges 4×8 p/ leg

*Part A is not for time, establish a good pace on your run or row, short rests between your barbell sets.

B) Dead Sprint
For Time
10 Deadlifts
20 DUs
8 Deadlifts
40 DUs
6 Deadlifts
60 DUs
4 Deadlifts
80 DUs
2 Deadlifts
100 DUs

10 Minute Time-Cap
Level 1 Deadlift at 135/195 and SUs (same reps as DUs)
Level 2 Deadlift at 185/145 and SUs (same reps as DUs)
Level 3 Deadlift at 225/175 and DUs

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