What the Heck is Heart Rate Variability??


There are so many things that you could track in the health and wellness industry. What’s the new superfood? What’s the best way to get abs fast? The best diets, and exercises to stay young, lean and fit. But how do you know when something is actually worth reading about? To be honest, I don’t know the answer to that. It definitely has a lot to do with what you’re interested in. For example, do you like to know about nutrition? Then you should read about the latest superfood and make up your own mind. All that being said, I’m sure all of us are interested in keeping ourselves in shape, otherwise you wouldn’t enjoy working out at 5VCF. While many of you may not be super interested in tracking anything to do with your workouts, there are certain things you can do to maximize your results in the gym, that don’t require food or workout logs. This post is going to highlight one thing in particular, clue the title of this post gave it away 🙂

I’m talking about heart rate variability (HRV). This is a test that is done to see how variable or changeable your heart rate and rhythm is. Why is this important? Well, the research shows that the more variable your heart is, the more adaptable you are to stress. When we are adaptable to stress we are less likely to break down and get sick or hurt ourselves doing something inane. Athletes are using this technology as a way to monitor whether they are over training. When their HRV decreases, it means that their body is becoming overwhelmed and needs rest and recovery. The cool thing is that it isn’t limited to and for elite level athletes. It’s something you and I can test. There are apps out there that you can use, coupled with a heart rate monitor that will test this for you. Talk about hacking your health. This goes far beyond listening to your body’s cues, you have tangible evidence of when your body needs a break. Pretty cool, huh?

I use this technology in my Chiropractic office because of the objective data it gives. The research also shows that a Chiropractic adjustment improves your HRV, making you more adaptable to your daily stressors. Before you go out and purchase your own system, I’m going to bring it to you! On Tuesday Nov 7th, I’ll be at the gym from 3:30pm onwards, and you’ll be able to test your HRV. Ideally, this will be before you workout. It takes about 3 mins for the actual scan and then we will go over the results, so let’s say a total of 6 mins. Not long in the scheme of things but it could completely change how you approach the upcoming workout. From today onwards there will be a sign-up sheet outside Ian’s office, so we can maximize your time. If you usually workout in the morning feel free to come by just to get scanned as see what your HRV is up to!

Dr. Liz Marshall – Chiropractor


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