Happy 4th of July!!

Reminder we have Open Gym from 8am to 10am on Wednesday the 4th.

We will be closed the rest of the day and reopen with normal hours on Thursday afternoon. There will be a workout up (see below) you can do or you are welcome to do your own thing. If you are in town come in and say hi! Have an outstanding day:)

A1) Strict Press: (15 min)
2×6 @ 60%
2×4 @ 70%

2 sec pause at the top

B) 20 Min EMOM:
min 1) 12 KB Front Rack Lunge
min 2) 10 T2B/K2C
min 3) 12 KBS
min 4) 10 KB Deadlift

Use same KBs for entire emom

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