Saturday, May 12th

A1) Back Rack Lunge: 3×7 ea

A2) Deadlift: 3×7 w/ 3 second pause at top.

**Use same weight for both movements**

*Barball is taken from the ground for both movements**

B) 18 min AMRAP
12 SA DB S2O (6 ea arm)
6 burpees over DB
12 goblet squats

*Athlete 1, works through 1 round of work while athlete 2 holds the top of a deadlift @ 45% 1RM deadlift. Switch after athlete 1 finishes 1 round of work. **

** athlete 2 must have deadlift at top position for any work to take place. if the deadlift is not locked out, no work can be done. **

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