Monday, February 18th

A) Deadlift:
4×6 @ 65% or above

Add a :02 Hold at the very top of the deadlift

B) 14:00 AMRAP:
8 Hang Clean
8 Front Squat
8 S2O
8 Alt FR Forward Lunge
50 DU/100 SU

Saturday, February 16th

A) Power Snatch:

B) 16:00 AMRAP W/ Partner:
60 Cal Row/Bike
60 Alt KB Snatch

Athletes split reps evenly.

Member of the Month – Erin Peterson!

What were you doing for fitness before you joined?

I’ve always been pretty active! I was a competitive swimmer growing up and on the rowing team when I was in college. Before joining 5 Valleys, I had been doing CrossFit for about a year at two different gyms in New Orleans (I moved to Missoula for grad school in Fall 2017). I maybe went 2 or 3 times a week but at the time, was mainly focused on running. I wasn’t very consistent and didn’t fall in love with CrossFit until joining 5 Valleys!


Friday, February 15th

A) Back Squat:

Build in weight, get heavy

B) 4 Rounds for Time:
20 Box Jumps/Step-ups
15 Goblet Squat
10 Pull-ups/Ring Row

Thursday, February 14th

A) 3 Rounds NFT:
10 HS Weight Transfer
Low Lizard Crawl
:30 Ring L-Sit
ME Strict C2B/Pull-up/Ring Row

B) 3 Rounds:
:45 Hollow Hold
5 Slow Descent HSPU
10 Candlestick Roll-up
ME Strict T2B/K2C (T=3131)

Wednesday, February 13th

A1) SA OH Squat Hold:
3x:30 ea arm

A2) Snatch Balance:

B) 18:00 EMOM:
1) 12/15 Cals on rower
2) 15 Wallballs
3) 15 KB Deadlift

Tuesday, February 12th

A) Overhead Squat:
2×4 @ 70%
2×2 @ 80%
2×1 @ 90%+

B) 10:00 AMRAP:
5 C2B/Pull-up
6 Burpee box jump over

Monday, February 11th

A1) Snatch Grip Deadlift:
4×6 (get heavy)

A2) SA Seated DB Strict Press:
4×5 ea arm

B) For Time: (12:00 Cap)
100 DU/200 SU
25 DB Cleans
25 Sit-up
25 DB Front Squat
25 T2B
25 DB Thruster
100 DU/200 SU

Saturday, February 9th

A1) SA OH Squat Hold:
3x:25 ea arm

A2) Floor Press:
3×10 w/rotation

B) 16:00 AMRAP:
12 Front Squat
10 T2B/K2C
8 Burpee Box Jump-Over

1 Work/ 1 Row
Two scores, the row for meters, and the rounds through amrap.
Athletes switch after a full round of amrap

Friday, February 8th

A) Squat Snatch:
2×5 @ 50%
build to a heavy single

B) For Time: (14:00 Cap)
30 Cal Row/Bike
40 Squat Cleans (135/95)