Memorial Day Murph 2015

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We will be having 1 workout on Monday morning starting at 9am. Everyone will be doing the CrossFit hero WOD “Murph”. Do not worry if you cannot do the full workout. We will scale reps down or have you complete the workout as part of a team. Remember post workout starting at 11:30am we will be BBQing in the park by Lowell School. Bring friends and family to join in the fun:)


Murph the Man

A team of 4 Navy SEALs led by LT. Michael P. Murphy on a mission to capture or kill akey Taliban leader, found themselves seriously outnumbered in a firefight with hundreds of enemy troops. Pinned down and under intense enemy fire, their communications operator severely wounded, they were in desperate need for help. Due to the mountainous terrain, their communications could not be received. Understanding the situation, LT. Michael P. Murphy moved to open ground, to use his satellite phone, exposing himself to enemy fire. LT Murphy was mortally wounded making that call. They continued fighting until Lt. Murphy and two of his three team mates were mortally wounded. His fourth team member, severely injured himself, managed to escape and was rescued 4 days later. He went on to tell the story in a book and movie titled “The Lone Survivor”.

Saturday, May 23rd

A) EMOM 10
Odd – 7 Power Snatch or Squat Snatch (95/65)
Even – 7 Toe to Bar

B) Every 4 minutes x 4 sets
6 Deadlifts (225/155)
12 Box Jumps
20 Calorie Row
rest the remaining time

Scale deadlifts to a tough weight that you can do unbroken all sets

Friday, May 22nd

A) Front Squat 4 x 5 all heavy

B1) Ring Row 3 x 10
B2) High Box Jumps 3 x 6

C) 5 rounds for time
6 Pull-ups or 3 Muscle Ups (bar or ring)
8 Thrusters (95/65)
10 Burpee Bar Hop
15 minute Time-cap

Thursday, May 21st

A1) Kipping Pull-up/Toe to Bar Practice
A2) Handstand Hold/Walking Practice
Alternate between the two for about 15 minutes of gymnastics practice

B) 7 minute AMRAP
Buy In: 400m Run
then in remaining time
6 Clean and Jerk (115/75)
30 Double Unders (75 Singles)

C) 2 rounds of
Weighted Plank x 1 min
Side Plank x 45 sec each

Meet a Member – Chris Sharp

Hi Chris tell us a little bit about yourself, your family, job etc.

I have been a truck driver for baker commodities for the last seven years. I have a wife of 17 years, son Ashton 8, & daughter Angela 20. I like to hunt, fish, camp, bike, hike…really anything outdoors. Occasionally, I like to do projects around the house. We have lived in west riverside for the past five years.

What kind of exercise or sports were you doing pre-CrossFit?

I did some 5k runs, Insanity and t25 workout DVDs, and a little bit of weight lifting.

What made you decide to give CrossFit a go and how long have you been at it?

I was looking for a new challenge and thought I would like to have actual coaching and instruction rather than just follow along to DVDs. I wanted to learn new exercises and have more variety in my workouts vs same same routines on videos. I’ve been at 5 Valleys since November and it was everything I had been looking for and more.

What are the biggest changes you’ve seen physically and mentally since starting CrossFit?

I feel way better about myself both physically and mentally. I’ve lost weight, gotten a ton stronger and have a lot more energy. I can now do many things that I could not do when I first started and it’s awesome to continually learn and improve with every workout.

You competed in the CrossFit Open this year. What did you think about it and what did you learn?

It was awesome, scary and fun. I was very nervous about it but wanted to take the challenge. I learned I can’t take it too seriously and the most important thing is to have fun and give your best effort. It was also great having everyone around participating and cheering you on.

What is your favorite place to eat in Missoula and why?

River City Grill, Local good food. (and taco del sol)

What is your top choice for workout music?

Anything loud and fast

Do you have any fitness goals or targets you would like to hit in 2015?

Nothing specific just want to keep on improving and enjoying myself.
It’s starting to get nicer and nicer out. What are your favorite things to do in the summertime?
Camp, Fish, …and an upcoming house remodel!!! Which is exciting at least right now anyway:)

Wednesday, May 20th

A) Push Press 4 x 2 @ 100% of 5RM
then 1 additional set of Push Press 1 x 10 @ 70% of 5RM

B) 22 minute Aerobic Pace
Run 200m
12 Barbell Reverse Lunges (6 each leg @ moderately tough weight)
15 KB Swings
Row 250m
12 Push-ups
30 Russian Twists

Tuesday, May 19th

A) 6 minute AMRAP Strict Pull-ups (if you tested ME pull-ups with a band use the same one for this)

B1) RDL 3 x 8
B2) Ring Plank 3 x 45 seconds

C) 3 rounds for reps
40 sec on/20 sec off
Box Jumps
Toe to Bar

Monday, May 18th

A) Power Clean 3,3,1,1,1 @ 80,85,90,95,95% or 1RM

B) Back Squat 4 x 2 @ 95% of 3RM

C) 8 minute Sprint Repeats Run or Row
Run 60 yd sprint/easy jog back
Row 20 sec sprint / 40 sec very easy row

D) 2 rounds of
45 Second Hollow Hold
45 Second Superman

Saturday, May 16th

Massive Happy Birthday today to my Dad!!! 66 years young and still getting after it!

In Pairs Run together then 1 working, 1 resting
each person does each exercise each round
400m Run
11 Pull-ups
11 Front Squat (135/95)
200m Run
13 KB Swing (70/53)
13 Burpees
3 rounds for time (24 minute timecap)

Friday, May 15th

A1) Deadlifts 1.1 x 4 sets at 85% of 1RM 10 seconds rest/reset between reps
A2) Weighted Push-ups 4 x 8

B) 2 x 5 minute AMRAPS
2 minutes rest between
12 Box Jumps (24/20″)
12 Shoulder to Overhead @ 65-75% of 5RM Push Press
12 Toe to Bar

For total rounds, continue 2nd AMRAP where you left off on the 1st.