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Schedule A Call

Fill out the form and we will contact you to set up a time to connect over the phone or online. On the call you and a coach will review your goals and training history, and go through our program options. If it looks like a good fit, we will decide together on the best way to get you started.


Step 2

Build Your Foundation

Through a series of virtual introductory sessions our coach will work with you to help you create healthy sustainable habits. We will also teach you the movements and exercises you will use in your at home program or our online classes.


Step 3

Long Term Program

Through either personal coaching, group online classes, or a combination of both, you will be set up for long term success. Within a short period of time you will feel better, more fit, and more confident. As you continue with your program you will see continual improvements in your strength, body composition, and endurance.

Visit our Getting Started for more on information on our process to get you looking and feeling like an athlete again.

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  • "I first stumbled onto 5 Valleys CrossFit over a year ago. My main motivation for showing up was to get in shape because I wanted to join Missoula County Search and Rescue as a volunteer. I had no previous training or certifications and was older than most that try to join MCSR. After several months of training both at 5 Valleys and with MCSAR they picked me to be a full member! And they basically chose me because they could tell I had become more and more fit and could be relied on to carry and lift things in the backcountry! This was a major goal for me to achieve, and it would never have been possible without the programming and coaching and motivation 5 Valleys CrossFit has provided me." Mick
  • "My husband started Crossfit before me and, noticing how much he looked forward to working out, I wanted to try it. I have to say that I felt overweight, scared and was really intimidated to workout with "cross fitters". I felt nervous, I was self-conscious about my weight, I mean could I really do this "Crossfit" thing? Umm, yes and I have never felt better! I am strong, confident and I am wearing shorts for the first time in years! This gym has such an amazing team atmosphere, the coaches are knowledgeable and the members are awesome! After never being able to stick to a fitness routine for more than a couple months I've been training at 5 Valleys for nearly 2 years and counting." Sasha
  • "Before joining 5 Valleys CrossFit, I went to the gym because I felt obligated to go, but definitely didn't love going. Now, I look forward to going, even on the hard days. I realized that I have a lot more self-control, discipline, and willpower than I thought I did. I've always known that I was strong mentally, but I think I subconsciously thought my mental strength had a limit, but 5 Valleys has shown me that my previously imagined limits are not valid or real. I've gotten stronger and stronger and being surrounded by awesome, hard-working people makes it fun!" Breeann


Updated Live Stream Workout Days/Times

Instructor Led Workout Live Stream
9:30 am Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
6:00 pm Tuesday and Thursday followed by 6:45pm Yoga Live Stream

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Member of the Month – Jon Velotta

Congrats to Jon who is our latest 5VCF Member of the Month!

He has been crushing the at home workouts lately and has seen fantastic improvements since coming into the gym two and half years ago. Read his story below:)

Keep up the awesome work Jon! We are grateful to have you as part of the community

Big thanks to Rattlesnake Market and Cafe for sponsoring our Member of the Month!! The Cafe side is doing doing take out and some delivery and the Market side is open. Please show your support and stop in there:)

Check out what Jon had to say…


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Our outstanding coaching staff will help you achieve your fitness goals by ensuring your technique is safe and sound, challenging you at an appropriate level and ensuring you are having fun and seeing results.



5 Valleys CrossFit is a Strength and Conditioning facility located in Missoula, MT. Our clients range from busy mums and dads, school teachers, corporate workers to young competitive athletes.



The programming at 5 Valleys CrossFit encompasses all aspects of fitness so you make consistent improvements in strength, endurance, mobility, power and speed, not to mention developing a lean and fit body.

Visit our About Page for more on information about our gym, coaches, and programs.

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