Monday, June 1st

Buddy Week!

A) Back Squats 5,3,1,1,1 @ 85,90, 3 sets 100% of 3RM
Buddy) Back Squat 5 x 6 build in weight to moderate set

B) 12 minute AMRAP
Buy In: 800m Run
12 KB Swing (70/53)
12 Box Jumps (24/20)
12 Push-ups

Buddy Option) 12 minute AMRAP
Buy in: 400m Run
12 KB Swings
12 Air Squats
12 Push-ups
rest 30 seconds before starting the next round

C) 2 x 45-60 second Plank/Weighted Plank rest 1 min between

Saturday, May 30th

Good luck to all the competitors participating in the Spring Fling Comp at CrossFit Helena!!

A) 12 minute EMOM
Odd – 12 Barbell Reverse Lunge (6 each leg)
Even – 8 Push-ups/Weighted Push-ups

B) 12 minute AMRAP
In Pairs 1 working 1 resting
each partner does each exercise each round
10 Ground to Overhead (95/65)
10 Pull-ups/Chest to Bar/Ring Rows

Friday, May 29th

Deload Week

A) Back Squats 4 x 6 @ 70% of 3RM

B) 12 minute AMRAP Medium Pace
200m Run
10 Toe to Bar
6 Squat Clean (95/65)

C) 2 x 45 seconds
Hollow Hold

D) 10 minutes Mobility

Thursday, May 28th

Deload Week

A1) Goodmornings 4 x 8
A2) Ring Rows 4 x 10

B) 21-15-9

C) Row 7 minutes
30 easy 30 med-tough

D) 10 minutes Mobility

Meet a Member – Rebecca Miller

Hi Rebecca tell us a little bit about yourself, your family, job etc.

I grew up in Frenchtown and have lived in the Missoula area all my life except for about 8 months when Jon and I were in Alaska. We have been married for 10 years and have a beautiful 2 year old, Hunter. In the winter we usually do alot of snowmobiling but the past couple of years I haven’t gone as much. Then as soon as spring hits we are making plans for trips to the sand dunes. We have a couple four-wheelers and a sandrail we’ll take this year. Jon just got the rail running and it has been a challenge to keep Hunter out of it. He definately has the motorhead bug like Dad. If Jon’s outside Hunter is usually crying at the door to go out too. I love that about Hunter. He is pretty content to be anywhere, but he would much rather be outside. I work for Missoula County in the medical benefits department. I enjoy my job but I sit alot so I try to be up on my feet at home.

What kind of exercise or sports were you doing pre-CrossFit?

I am pretty bad at anything that requires catching, hitting, or throwing a ball. I ran crosscountry and track in highschool. Running was pretty much the only thing I did to work out with maybe a little weight training. I’m not very fast but its something I do enjoy. I always say I’m slow but steady. I’ve ran some 5K races but proud to say I ran the Missoula Marathon a couple of years ago. It was alot of training and time commitment but total worth it. It was alot of fun.

What made you decide to give CrossFit a go and how long have you been at it?

After having Hunter I was having a hard time finding the time to work out on my own. I knew I needed to sign up for a class where I would have to be a little more accountable for showing up. Jon was overseas and joined a crossfit gym on the base. He really liked it and noticed a huge difference. I watched the crossift games on TV. I was a little intimidated to join but I was also excited to make a change. I’ve been doing crossfit for about 9 months and love it.

What 5 Valleys members inspire and motivate you to keep working hard?

I think everyone keeps me motivated to work hard. I love the support. Even when I’m one of the last ones to finish there’s people who cheer you on to the end. The atmosphere is great. I try not to compare myself to others very much. It just makes me frustrated. I just keep competing against myself and as long as I keep improving I’m happy.

Do you have a favorite and least favorite exercise and if so what are they?

I think my least favorite exercise is the row machine. I’m getting better at it but if you give me a choice I would much rather run. My favorite exercise is back squats. I also didn’t like push press very much, but I feel like I’m improving so lately I’ve actually like those too.

What is your favorite place to eat in Missoula and why?

My favorite place to eat is Ciao Mambos. Jon and I will go there and share the nachos. They are so good! Last time they even brought out some dough for Hunter to make shapes with. They would have baked it for him but he ate it instead.

What is your top choice for workout music?

This is kind of a hard question to answer for me because I listen to pretty much anything. Honestly most of the time during crossfit I tend to tune out the music unless it’s turned up real loud. I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but the best music to run to is the Top Gun and Footloose soundtracks. Footloose has a good beat and Iceman and Maverick make me motivated to move faster:).

Do you have any fitness goals or targets you would like to hit in 2015?

I want to keep improving all around but focus on my upper body strength. I’d like to do pull-ups without the band. I’d also like to loose a litte around the middle. I’ve cut out a lot of the processed carbs in my diet and have already noticed a difference. I’ve also noticed I feel a lot better and have more energy.

It’s starting to get nicer and nicer out. What are your favorite things to do in the summertime?

I pretty much enjoy anything as long as it’s outside but I like to go camping in the mountains. I think I like it most because you just leave everything behind. There’s no chores and I’m not thinking about what time it is.

Wednesday, May 27th

Deload Week

A) Power Clean 5 x 3 @ 80% of 1RM

B) 4 rounds not for time
400m Run
7 Strict Pull-ups
12 Box Jumps
rest 1 minute

C) 10 minutes Mobility

Tuesday, May 26th

Deload Week

We’ve been pushing hard on both the strength and conditioning work and seeing awesome gains. We will be taking this week to keep moving but at a lower intensity so that the body can recover and prepare to ramp it up again next week. I know you all like to work really hard and it can be difficult to keep yourself in check and go at a lower intensity. However, it is super important if you want to see long term continuous improvements to allow the body certain times to rest and recover. So while you might not get the same fix that comes from pushing the weights and a high intensity workout it will help in the long run to back off occasionally. We will be retesting our strength numbers in late June and I am excited to see lots of new PRs!!!

A) Push Press 4 x 6 @ 70-80% of 5RM

B) 16 minutes at easy pace
Row 300m
10 KB Swings
12 Walking Lunges
15 Sit-ups
30 Double Unders (75 Singles)

C) 12-15 minutes Mobility Work

Memorial Day Murph 2015

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! We will be having 1 workout on Monday morning starting at 9am. Everyone will be doing the CrossFit hero WOD “Murph”. Do not worry if you cannot do the full workout. We will scale reps down or have you complete the workout as part of a team. Remember post workout starting at 11:30am we will be BBQing in the park by Lowell School. Bring friends and family to join in the fun:)


Murph the Man

A team of 4 Navy SEALs led by LT. Michael P. Murphy on a mission to capture or kill akey Taliban leader, found themselves seriously outnumbered in a firefight with hundreds of enemy troops. Pinned down and under intense enemy fire, their communications operator severely wounded, they were in desperate need for help. Due to the mountainous terrain, their communications could not be received. Understanding the situation, LT. Michael P. Murphy moved to open ground, to use his satellite phone, exposing himself to enemy fire. LT Murphy was mortally wounded making that call. They continued fighting until Lt. Murphy and two of his three team mates were mortally wounded. His fourth team member, severely injured himself, managed to escape and was rescued 4 days later. He went on to tell the story in a book and movie titled “The Lone Survivor”.

Saturday, May 23rd

A) EMOM 10
Odd – 7 Power Snatch or Squat Snatch (95/65)
Even – 7 Toe to Bar

B) Every 4 minutes x 4 sets
6 Deadlifts (225/155)
12 Box Jumps
20 Calorie Row
rest the remaining time

Scale deadlifts to a tough weight that you can do unbroken all sets

Friday, May 22nd

A) Front Squat 4 x 5 all heavy

B1) Ring Row 3 x 10
B2) High Box Jumps 3 x 6

C) 5 rounds for time
6 Pull-ups or 3 Muscle Ups (bar or ring)
8 Thrusters (95/65)
10 Burpee Bar Hop
15 minute Time-cap