Wednesday, June 1st

A) Push Press 8,6,6,4 last set 90-100% of 5RM

B1) Farmers Carry 3 x 1 (to yield sign and back)
B2) Hollow Hold 3 x 30-40 seconds

C) Buy In: 800m Run
then 3 rounds
15 Wallballs
15 Toe to Bar
15 KB Swings

Tuesday, May 31st

A) Hang Power Snatch 3 x 3

B) Power Snatch 4 x 3

C) 3 x 3 minute AMRAPs
2 minutes rest between
5 Hang Power Clean (115/80)
5 Burpee Bar Hops
20 Double Unders/40 Singles

Memorial Day, Monday May 30th

Reminder two classes on Memorial Day. One at 8:30am and one at 9:30am. Come tackle “Murph” and then join in on the BBQ at the park next to Lowell School starting at about 11:30am.

(Scaled and Partner options will be available for the workout so everyone can participate.)

Saturday, May 28th

A) 3 Front Squats every 2 minutes for 5 sets

B) In Pairs Split Reps evenly
2km Row
30 Thrusters (96/65)
40 Box Jumps
4 x 100m Farmers Carry
40 Box Jumps
30 Thrusters
Accumulate 2 minutes each Plank from hands

Friday, May 27th

Deload Week

A) Power Clean 4 x 3 (Keep light, technique and speed focus)

B1) Deadlifts 3 x 10 @ 50% of 1RM
B2) Push Press 3 x 8 @ 60% of 5RM

C) 3 rounds 400m run
10 Burpees
12 Lunge Jumps

Thursday, May 26th

Deload Week

A1) Strict Pull-ups 3 x 5-15 (not to failure)
A2) Ring Holds 3 x 20-40 seconds

B) Row 750m
then 21-15-9
KB Swings (53/35)
Toe to Bar

Meet a Member – Jasmin DesRosier

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your family, job etc.

Well Talulah and I moved here late January from Western Colorado (no, not Denver) with our two mutts Parker and Winston. Talu’s in kindergarten at Lowell and I’m an ICU nurse at St. Pats. I grew up in rural Northern Wisconsin, so I have a thick hoser accent when the beer is flowing and the Packers are playing. I absolutely love playing outside, twirling my hair, and laughing…but ironically I’m not ticklish.

I’ve heard some people rave about having a night shift, and others absolutely hate it. What side of the fence are you on, and why?

Well… can I be on both sides? I like that I get to play in the afternoon before I have to go to work, so I have more personal time on nights. But I hate how I feel when I’m on my stretches; all groggy and short tempered, always with a low grade headache. I love the people I work with; the humor on nights is very different from days. But I love the progressive care and professional conversations with the medical teams on days. So, ultimately, each side of the shift has its goods and bads. I would rather be on days, but I took a night job so that I could move here and be pursuing a happier, more balanced personal life. So I’m on the indifference fence because hating it won’t make me happier, but loving it won’t make me healthier.

How did you first get involved in CrossFit and how long have you been CrossFitting?

I started Cfit a few months after Talu was born, so 5ish years ago. I had a few friends who owned a gym in Montrose, CO and they kept pushing me to try it. I thought it sounded like a stupid idea because I’ve always been athletic and didn’t see the point in paying someone that much to tell me how to exercise. I can do that for myself, thank you very much. But after literally a year of them asking, I finally gave in. Ultimately, I knew I would have to get stronger if I wanted to bring Talu on the adventures that I had in mind; I wanted to pack her up the mountains in our area, show her the magic of backcountry skiing, teach her how to be gracefully strong and confident as a girl. Crossfit’s been a wonderful medium for all of that.

Do you have any fitness goals or targets you would like to hit in 2016?

Honestly, no. I hate goals. I put too much pressure on myself to attain something and end up missing the fun of getting to the goal. I can be super competitive with myself, and I’ve learned along the way that when I set goals, regardless of if I attain them or not, I only talk to myself negatively. It’s not constructive and I never acknowledge the good things that I am. When I was 23, I was an amateur boxer and quit after my first fight because I finally recognized how terrible I felt mentally (and I got my face beat in and my mom, sobbing, threatened to take me of their health insurance). I promised myself then that I would never train for something specific again. And I haven’t. I absolutely love to mountain bike and backcountry ski, so my loose “goals” are to play as hard as I can outside so I can maintain a balance between my love for beer and my love for bike/ski.

You recently placed 2nd at the Barbells and Brews competition under the team name of Ryan Lane. Tell us a little about what’s going on here.

Ha! Maybe you should ask Ryan Lane?!

What pushes you in CrossFit? When you’re about to drop down for that 50th burpee, or do that 30th pull-up, what keeps you going? Where do you go in your head?

Well, the class will always only be an hour long. Regardless of what we’re doing, after an hour, I have to go back to adulting. Crossfit is my play time. It’s like an adult gym class, and I couldn’t get enough of gym class when I was growing up. I maxed out in all the gym credits in high school and college. So knowing that after my hour of playing, I have to leave to go pay bills, to go to work, or to go do some other not fun grown up activity pushes me to be absolutely selfish with my time. And I love the feeling of accomplishment. I always leave Crossfit confident in what I am capable of. I like that. It makes me a better adult.

What’s the deal with the 4:15 class? Besides having about a 1,000 members in it, why do some people love it so much?

I go then because I can mountain bike in the morning (or sleep all day after my shift), and then go to class before I have to go to work. Being a night shifter, getting into the AM classes sounds brutal. I need my pot of coffee prior to moving around in the public. And going after the 415 doesn’t give me enough time to change before work. Gross. I just assumed the rest of the members love that class because Ryan Lane is typically there at that time.

If you were put in charge for a day at 5 Valleys, what WOD (workout of the day) would you design, assuming you yourself had to participate as well?

Well…. I’m sure the question is intended to be geared towards a Crossfit WOD, but I think Ian does a killer job at designing those. Rather, if I had a whole day to be in charge, I would make everyone meet up for breakfast and coffee (yup, a whole day event here…), most likely some form of egg and bacon cooked by the wonderful Scott Johnson. Following our delightful morning substance, we would all have to get outside to perform some form of trail adventure- hiking, trail running, mountain biking, whatever. This will take between 2-4 hours. After the trail play, we would then all meet at the river for an aggressive rock skipping round robin tournament followed by a rock throwing contest- one for distance and one for biggest splash. After the river, the WOD continues at Draught Works, where the losers from the river buy first round (sorry Ryan Lane). Best WOD ever.

Wednesday, May 25th

Deload Week

A1) SLRDL 3 x 8 each leg
A2) Push-ups 3 x 10-20 (not to failure)

B1) KB or DB Walking Lunges 3 x 20
B2) Hollow Hold 3 x 30 seconds
B3) Ring Rows 3 x 10

C) 4 rounds
200m Run
12 Step-ups
15 Sit-ups

Tuesday, May 24th

Deload Week

A) Back Squat 4 x 5 @ 60% of 3RM

B) 5 rounds 30 sec on/30 off
Double Unders/Single Unders
comfortable pace that you can get the same number of reps/meters each round

Monday, May 22nd

Deload Week

A) Split Jerk 4 x 3 (Keep light, technique and speed focus)

B) 20 minutes easy pace
200m jog
8 Push-ups
3-5 Strict Pull-ups
8 Box Jumps