Thursday, September 1st

A) Deadlift 3,3,2,2,1 build close to 1RM

B) 16 minute AMRAP
400m Run
20 Walking Lunges
15 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups

Meet a Member – Stacey & Paige

Hi Stacey and Paige, tell us a little bit about yourselves, your family, job etc.

Stacey- We took a leap of faith and moved to Missoula in May 2014, both without jobs. We got married a year later, in May of 2015. The move was part of a larger plan to further Paige’s photography career. Stacey is an office manager for Thrivent Financial and is also a Nationally Registered EMT and a member of Missoula County Search and Rescue. Stacey’s family is from west central Minnesota and Paige’s family is from western North Dakota.

I won’t say who, but somebody (Stacey) told me that Paige was having an art exhibit for his photography. Tell us more about that. How long have you been a photographer, and where do you hope it takes you? Do you have a particular subject matter that’s your favorite?

Paige- I have two prints on display/sale at the Radius Gallery here in Missoula. I originally moved to Missoula to attend the Rocky Mountain School of Photography in 2014 and have worked as an assistant for the school these past two summers. I’m primarily a landscape and fine art photographer, currently working on an oilfield project, which is what is currently showing at the gallery here in Missoula.

How did you both first get involved in CrossFit and how long have you been CrossFitting?

Stacey- I hesitantly started CrossFit in January 2015 at Crossfit Hellgate here in Missoula, only at the prompting of Paige. Before that I had been very active, mostly running and hiking and had completed four half-marathons. Physically I felt good and had no health problems, but didn’t feel strong or lean.

Paige- My brother told me about crossfit back in 2008-ish and I’ve been involved with it off and on ever since. I started out in MBS Crossfit out of Broomfield, CO with Pat Burke.

Do you have any fitness goals or targets you would like to hit in 2016?

Stacey- The main one is just working on mobility, especially squatting with good form. Also, I struggle with comparing myself to others and don’t take compliments well, so mentally I am working on celebrating my CrossFit successes, no matter how big or small.

Paige-I’d like to get my deadlift back up to where it used to be. And just get to the gym more consistently.

What is your favorite way to spend your time outside the gym and work?

Paige- I spend a lot of time traveling for photography, so I get to see a lot of Montana and even had the chance to photograph for AERIE Backcountry Medicine down in Costa Rica this past spring. I enjoy traveling with Stacey when her schedule permits, hiking, and checking out the local breweries.

What’s the next movement/exercise you want to be able to check off the list?

Stacey- Oh wow, I have many! I have yet to master a strict pull-up and would also love to hit a 225 deadlift. Somewhere in my future is also a solid unassisted handstand hold.

Paige-I’d like to work on my clean and jerk and snatch-to be more confident pulling myself under the bar.

Crossfit Open – did you compete last year and do you plan to this year?

We did not compete last year in the Open, but will consider it for 2017… Maybe.

What pushes you in CrossFit? When you’re about to drop down for that 50th burpee, or do that 30th pull-up, what keeps you going? Where do you go in your head?

Stacey- I want to be the best version of myself possible and I want to feel confident at every age and stage of life. So I think about all of the things that I love to do now and how I want to be doing them when I am 80. How I take care of my body now, at 33 years old, will allow me to do those things I enjoy later in life. I think about hiking and backpacking with Paige when we are old and grey and how I want to run a half-marathon when I am 75.

Paige-The long workouts can be tough, but just knowing that if I grind through it, no matter the speed, I’ll hopefully be faster at it and more fit the next time around. Also, if I’m dropping down for my 50th burpee, chances are I’m not getting back up…

If you were put in charge for a day at 5 Valleys, what WOD (workout of the day) would you design, assuming you yourself had to participate as well? I want a workout from each of you.

Stacey- 3 rounds of a 400m run, 10 thrusters, 10 box jumps and 10 burpees.

Baker-Obstacle course-one of my old crossfit coaches would put together a nice burner of an obstacle course once in a while to change things up. Tire flips, sled pulls/pushes, burpees, farmer’s carry, ball slams. A good mix of all of them would be pretty fun. Just no running….

Thanks you two!

Wednesday, August 31st

A) Push Press 4 x 5 @ 21X2 tempo

B1) Ring Rows 3 x 10 @ 31X1
B2) Weighted Plank 3 x 45-60 seconds

C) 2 rounds for time
25 Wallballs
25 KB Swings (53/35)
50 Double Unders/100 SUs

Tuesday, August 30th

A) Back Squat 3,3,2,2,2 at 20X1

B) Strict Pull-ups 3 x 1 minute Max Rep
w/1 minute rest

C) For Time
200m Run
12 Power Cleans (165/115)
200m Run
9 Power Cleans (165/115)
200m Run
6 Power Cleans (165/115)
200m Run
3 Power Cleans (165/115)

14 minute time-cap

Monday, August 29th

A) 3 Snatches every 90 seconds for 6 sets building throughout

B) 4 x 3 minutes w/2 minutes rest
5 Thruster (75/55)
5 Toe to Bar
5 Box Jumps

Goal is same pace every round
Log Total Reps for workout and note reps for each round

Saturday, August 27th

Buddy Week!

B) Deck of Cards
In teams of 3
Hearts – 200m Run
Diamonds – Wallballs
Clubs – KB Swings
Spades – Burpees
1st Joker – 30 Toes to bar/Knees to Chest
2nd Joker – 50 OH Walking Lunges

Friday, August 26th

Buddy Week!

A1) Front Squats 4 x 5 @ 32X1
A2) Strict Handstand Push-ups 4 x 5-10
Buddies – Squats the same and DB/KB OH Press

B) “Harper”
23 minute AMRAP
9 chest-to-bar pull-ups
15 power cleans (135/95)
21 Air Squats
400-meter run with a 45-lb. plate

Buddy Option
9 Ring Rows
12 KB Swings
15 Air Squats
400m Run

Thursday, August 25th

Buddy Week!

A1) Barbell Step-ups 4 x 6 each leg
A2) Ring Dips 4 x 8 (Buddies Ring Holds)

B) 12 minute AMRAP
10 Power Snatches (95/65)
20 Lunge Jumps
30 Sit-ups

12 minute AMRAP
5 DB Snatches Each Arm
20 Reverse Lunges (10 each leg)
20 Sit-ups

Wednesday, August 24th

Buddy Week!

A) Deadlift 3,3,2,2 build to 80-90% of 1RM
Buddies – RDL 4 x 6 light

B) 5 minute Max Rep Strict Pull-ups
must lower on each rep

C) 4 rounds for time
10 Shoulder to OH (135/95)
10 Burpee Bar Hops
10 minute time-cap

4 rounds for time
10 Push Press
10 No Push-up Burpee

Tuesday, August 23rd

Buddy Week!

A) Push Press 4 x 8 @ 21X2 tempo

B1) Suitcase Carry 3 x 1
B2) Ring Rows 3 x 8 @ 21X1

C) 5 rounds for time
200m Run
12 Box Jumps
12 Toes to Bar
15 minute Time Cap

5 rounds
200m Run
8 Box Jumps or Step-ups
10 Sit-ups/Knees to Chest