Meet a Member – J.R.

Hi J.R., tell us a little bit about yourself and your family.

I moved to Montana from Albuquerque and went to middle and high school here in Missoula (Sentinel). I played basketball in college at an NAIA school in Olympia, Washington. Then, I went to law school at Creighton in Omaha and then came back here for work. I’m engaged to Terra and we have two kids (Ava – 3 and Max – 6 months).

Where do you work, how’d you get into that field, and what’s your favorite and least favorite thing about it?

I’m an attorney at Datsopoulos, MacDonald & Lind. I like being a lawyer because I like helping people, but the stress and long hours can be frustrating sometimes. At least there is never a dull moment.

Are you a Missoula native? If not what brought you here, and if you are, what keeps you here?

My family moved here from NM when I was too young to have a say. In hindsight I’m glad though. I still have family in NM and try to make it back there regularly, but I love Montana. I left to different places for school but was never as happy so I eventually came to terms with the fact that I should move back here. I don’t hunt or ski but there is still something to be said for having 4 seasons. I love the summer and fall here the most.

How did you first get involved in CrossFit and how long have you been CrossFitting?

My fiancé has been doing Crossfit for about about 3 years. She is still a member at Missoula Crossfit but she also now comes to 5 Valleys two days per week as part of a UM credit program. She claims to be making the switch all the way come 2017 which I’m excited about. I started due to her encouragement and I chose 5 Valleys because I knew Ian from high school and I am good friends with his brother, Colin. I started in July 2016 so I’m still relatively new.

I lifted weights about 5 days a week prior to starting Crossfit and I thought I was in decent shape. Needless to say, I was totally wrong.

When I first stared Coach Nick was a great motivator and all the coaches are awesome now as well. They all bring something different to the table and I like the variety in the instruction.

What Crossfit class do you normally attend?

5:15 pm on weekdays and 8:30 am on Saturdays. I also try to mix in an occasional morning weekday class when my schedule allows it.

Do you have any fitness goals or targets you would like to hit in 2016?

I really want to be able to power clean 225. Also, 12 strict pull-ups and to become a better and more efficient runner. More broadly, I just want to keep making gains and staying in better overall shape.

What is your favorite way to spend your time outside the gym and work?

I referee high school basketball and enjoy it because it keeps me around the game but it isn’t as hard on the body as trying to be a hero in City League. I’m not getting any younger. I also enjoy spending time with my family and cheering for the Raiders and Lakers.

What’s your biggest CrossFit weakness that you’re working on right now?

I can’t say that I’m “working on” them as much as I would like to and should, but running and thrusters absolutely kill me. I also love complaining about wall ball shots every time they happen to pop up on the whiteboard. I should probably work on those more too…

Winter is upon us, what does winter look like for you?

Probably sledding with the kids and lots of time on the rowers.

What pushes you in CrossFit? When you’re about to drop down for that 50th burpee, or do that 30th pull-up, what keeps you going? Where do you go in your head?

Rage Against the Machine assuming Jessie is coaching. Otherwise, trying to focus on the benefits and results that got me through the door in the first place.

If you were put in charge for a day at 5 Valleys, what WOD (workout of the day) would you design, assuming you yourself had to participate as well?

Clean ladder!

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