Saturday, January 20th

A1) Ring Hollow Hold 3x30sec
A2) Handstand Hold/ walk 3x30sec
A3) L-sit 3x30sec / practice

B) In Pairs,
One working, one resting

18 min AMRAP
-60 Wallballs (partners pass back and forth)
-50 Clean and Jerks (135/95)
-60 Box Jumps (24/20)
-50 KB Swings (70/53)

Friday, January 19th


A) Hang Power/ Squat Snatch
-18 Min to build to a 1RM

B) 4 Rounds: For total reps at each movement
30 Sec of Max Rep Thrusters (95/65)
30 Sec of Rest
30 Sec of Max Rep Barbell Facing Bupees
60 Sec Rest
30 Sec Of Max Rep Box Jump (30/24)
30 Sec Of Rest
30 Sec Of Max Rep Hang squat Clean (95/65)
60 Sec Rest

Thursday, January 18th


A) Ring Dips
Max Reps in 3 Minutes
(rest as needed)

B) Strict Pull-ups
Max Reps in 3 Minutes
(rest as needed)

C) Make up any missed STRENGTH tests from this week or last


4 Sets of:
– SA KB OH Carry Down
– 8 KB Push Press
– SA KB Front rack walk back
(transition without setting KB down)
*1 Set is Down & Back with L, then Down & Back with R

D) 3 Rounds:
-12 V-ups
-40 Sec Plank from elbows
-8 Strict T2B/ K2C

Wednesday, January 17th


A) Push/ Split Jerk
16 Min to build to a 1RM
(From the rig)

B) Baseline Test
For Time:
– 500m Row
– 40 Air Squats
– 30 Sit-ups
– 20 Push-ups
– 10 Pull-ups”

Tuesday, January 16th


A) Front Squat
-20 Min to Build to a 3RM

B) Push-ups
-Max Reps in 3 Minutes
(rest as needed)

C) For TOTAL Time:
-50 Calorie Row
-50 Wallballs

rest 2 minutes, then directly into

2 rounds
-50 Double Unders
-20 Burpees

Monday, January 15th


A) Strict Press
-16 Min to Build to a 1RM

B) 16 Min AMRAP
-30 Reverse Lunges (BW)
-25 RKB Swings (53/35)
-20 Russian Twists (BW)
-15 Goblet Squats (53/35)
-250m Row

Saturday, January 13th

3rd Annual Ian’s Birthday Workout!

Celebrate Ian’s BIG 3-8 with a fun partner WOD!
Each year the workout gets a little harder, because Ian gets a little older. However, this year we get to share the burden with a partner.

A)In Teams of 2:
One Working, One Restinng
*For the Double Unders, partner 1 will complete all 38 reps, then Partner 2 will complete all 38 reps.
**If Single Unders partners will each do 76 reps
*** Partners will split reps of exercise equally within the round.

-38 Double Unders/ 76 SU
1 rounds of
*38 Thrusters (95/65)
*38 Toe to Bar
-38 Double Unders/ 76 SU
1 rounds of
*38 KB Swings (70/53)
*38 Burpees
-38 Double Unders/ 76 SU
1 rounds of
*38 Pull-ups
*38 Box Jumps (20/24)
-38 Double Unders/ 76 SU
1 rounds of
*38 Wallballs (20/14)
*38 Sumo DL High Pulls (95/65)
– 38 Double Unders/ 76 SU
1 rounds of
*38 Back Squats (95/65)
*38 Hang Cleans (95/65)
-38 Double Unders/ 76 SU

40 minute Time-Cap

Friday, January 12th

A) Pull-Test
For Time:
-40 Pull-ups
(any style)
*10 Min Time Cap

B) Build to a 1RM deadlift
*20 Min Time Cap

C) Karen
For Time:
150 Wallballs
*13Min Time Cap

Thursday, January 11th

Today is meant to be an active recovery day from the first 3 days of strength testing. Stay light, focus on form, and take an easy pace with the AMRAP

A1) KB Front Rack Forward Lunges (light)
4×8 Each Leg
A2) Plank From Elbows
4×30 Secs

B1) Pendlay Row
3×12 (Keep weight lighter)
B2) Russian Twists

C) 13 Min AMRAP
-300m Row
-80 Single Unders
-20 Sit-ups
-20 Air Squats

Wednesday, January 10th

A) Push Press
-18 Min to Build to a 5 Rep Max

B) 3 Rounds For Time:
-12 T2B/ K2C
-15 Thruster (75/55)
-18 KB Swing (53/35)