Thursday, October 11th

A) C2B/Pullup Drills and Progressions.

Focusing on all levels of slow descent as well as a few ME sets


B1) Hanging L-Sit: (12:00 Cap)

B2) Candlestick Roll-up:

B3) Hollow Hold:

C) 12:00 to complete one of the following:

Option 1) 3 Rounds:
1 Bear Crawl the gym length and back
30 Slow Shoulder Taps from floor or box
15 Banded Pull-aparts

Option 2) 3 Rounds:
3 Wall Walks
30 Slow Shoulder Taps on the Wall
15 Banded Pull-Aparts

Option 3) 3 Rounds:
150ft HSW in 75ft sections
15 Banded Pull-aparts