Friday, February 1st

We had a special request from one of our members to do this workout to honor Justin Beebe, a member of the Lolo Hotshots crew. Today would have been his birthday. We made some adjustments to the runs due to weather and road conditions. Workout can be performed as a pair splitting the work.

800m run (1km row instead)
26 Clean & Jerks (135/95)
26 Bar-Over Burpees
400m Run with plate (45/35) – (50 Walking Lunges with Plate instead)
26 Front Squats
26 Bar-Over Burpees
400m Run with plate – (50 Walking Lunges with Plate instead)
26 Deadlifts
26 Bar-Over Burpees
800m run (1km row instead)
*after ​the final run, record/note your time​, ​​then start or join the run with another athlete so no one finishes alone​.​

Justin Beebe, a 26 year old wild land firefighter for the National Parks Service (Lolo Hotshots) from Bellows Falls, Vermont, trained CrossFit and was an avid runner who often trained by carrying weight plates over long distances to simulate carrying equipment during service.

Beebe was killed by a falling tree​,​ ​August 13, ​​while fighting to contain the 4,600-acre Strawberry Fire in Great Basin National Park in eastern Nevada​. He is survived by his parents, Betsy and Sheldon Beebe, along with his sister, Jessica, and his girlfriend, Jenny Zaso​.

Wednesday, January 30th

A) Front Squat:
2×5 @ 70%
2×4 @ 80%
1×2 @ 90%

B) 9:00 AMRAP:
5 Snatch @ 60%-70%
10 Sit-ups
15 Wall-Balls

Tuesday, January 29th

A) Pause Squat Snatch:

*Pause just above the knee*

B) 4:00 AMRAP:
6 DB Thrusters
6 Pull-ups/Ring-rows

*Rest 2:00*

4:00 AMRAP:
7 DB Cleans
35 DU/70 SU

*2:00 Rest*

4:00 AMRAP:
8 DB FR Forward Lunge

Monday, January 28th

A) Snatch Grip High-Pulls: (12:00)

B) 21:00 EMOM:
1) 10 Burpee Box Jump-Over
2) 10 T2B
3) 3 G2O @ 70% of C&J 1RM

Saturday, January 26th

A1) Floor Press:

A2) SA Seated Strict Press:
4×6 ea arm

B) For Time in Pairs:
60 DB Cleans
80 DB Goblet Squat
100 Alt DB Snatch
120 Alt FR DB Walking Lunge

Athletes must split work evenly. 1 work/1 rest

Friday, January 25th

A) Back Squat:
1xME @ 50% 1RM

B) 14:00 AMRAP:
18 KBS
9 T2B
50 DU/50 SU

Thursday, January 24th

A) 20:00 Working on HSW/Handstands

B) 12:00 AMRAP:
2 Bar Muscle-Up
5 Strict HSPU
8 Pistol ea

Wednesday, January 23rd

A) Overhead Squat:
2×3 @ 65%
2×3 @ 70%
1×10 @ 50%

B) 3 Rounds For Time:
10 Clean & Jerk
10 Burpee Box Jump Over
10 Pull-up/Ring-Row

Tuesday, January 22nd

A) Deadlift:
Start 1st set at 75% 1RM and build.

B) 21-15-9:
Snatch (115/75)

Monday, January 21st

A1) SA KB Squat Hold:
3x:20 ea arm

A2) Power Snatch:

B) 18:00 AMRAP:
50 Wallballs
150 Du/SU
50 Burpee to a Plate