Member of the Month – Nate Aschliman

What was your biggest challenge prior to joining?

– My biggest challenge prior to joining 5 Valleys was that I was new to town and wanted to not only find the right gym, but the right people to surround myself with. I had a hard time finding what type of gym I wanted to commit to that would better myself for not only my day to day life, but also help make me stronger out on the trails.

How did that challenge make you feel?

– I was really nervous honestly. Never having been a part of a CrossFit gym before made me nervous if I could complete the workouts well and not knowing the people at the gym also made me nervous with not knowing if I’d be welcomed in and supported if I did struggle completing anything. Thankfully both of those things were just built up in my head and everyone here is super supportive to each other.  

What changed after joining?

– Two things have really changed for me after joining. I now have confidence in doing some movements and exercises that I never really did before and I’ve made some great friends here that support and motivate me to be better.

What specific results can you share (Improvements/accomplishments in the gym and life)?

– One specific result is my strength improvement. After college I really didn’t lift any heavier weights and it feels really great to be strong enough now to throw on some larger plates for different exercises. My squat, deadlift, and clean have all greatly improved. I noticed with those muscles becoming stronger it has also helped on the bike.

What would you say to somebody on the fence about joining?

– Just give it a try. The hardest part is walking through the doors for the first time. Not knowing others or doubting yourself in completing the workouts if you haven’t done it before can be scary. Once you’re through the doors and part of class you’ll amaze yourself at what you can do, the judgement free zone you’re a part of, and how many people will introduce themselves and say hi. 

Anything else to add?

 I just want to give a shout out to all the coaches. I look forward to every class no matter who is coaching because all do a great job supporting, motivating, and pushing you to do your best. I definitely appreciate that about 5 Valleys because that hasn’t always been true for me in gyms I’ve been a part of in the past.

Big thanks to Rattlesnake Market and Cafe for sponsoring our Member of the Month!!