Member of the Month – Sarah Bissett!

Congrats Sarah!! Sarah has been crushing it since she joined 5 Valleys CrossFit earlier this year. She has been super consistent and steadily gaining strength and fitness. Big thanks to Rattlesnake Market and Cafe for sponsoring our Member of the Month.

Here is what Sarah had to say:

“I am a 34 year old mom of a 12 year old boy. I work at both Ford and Toyota in the office. I enjoy being outside with my dogs hiking, swimming, going on bike rides, or hanging out at parks.

Before I joined 5 Valleys, I was not really doing anything for fitness. Just my daily routine, walking dogs, house work, wrangling a child, etc. I HATED working out!

I HATED working out! I always felt out of place and judged. I was also at a point physically where I could hardly do anything. My body had been broken from too many car wreaks, being a clutzy my whole life, and not taking care of myself in basically any way.

Those things combined made me feel like dying young would be better than continuing to live. But, I’m a stubborn, selfish person (so I have been told), and decided that i would put myself and my health first from now on and see if i could heal my body and mind.

The biggest change after joining was figuring out my schedule. I now get up around 4:15- 4:30am pretty much everyday as well as having to force myself to go to bed at a decent hour. Which has been a struggle. I have always been a night owl and still deal with insomnia most nights. However, I know that if I get up and go to the gym, I’ll have more energy for the day and be way less irritated with people.

I went from barley being able to walk and extremely overweight, to feeling like I can almost keep up with everyone in class most days. I finally have some strength back especially in single movement, low impact movements. As well as being able to actually do some compound movements. I still hate working out but only in a traditional gym setting. The “Box” has become my “me time” and the space I go to get my head on right, and find some positivity for the day.

Embrace the suck at first and do it! There will continue to be days that suck, but every day after the workout makes it totally worth it. You’ll feel better mentally and physically everyday and continuing into the future. Don’t worry about keeping up at first. No one here is competing with you. We are all competing against ourselves from yesterday. If your struggling, ask for help, from anyone! They will all give it and without judgement. We want you to succeed!

This is NOT a regular gym and that is why I come every morning that I possibly can. We start as a TEAM and we finish as a team. We support and cheer each other on. This place honestly has been a huge blessing in my life, and it will be in yours too.”

Keep up the awesome work Sarah!