Member of the Month – Steve Kemple

Big Congrats to Steve Kemple!!! Long time member Steve is continually trying to improve physically and mentally and most importantly has fun doing it. Way to go Steve! Big thanks to the Rattlesnake Market and Cafe for sponsoring our Member of the Month!

Here is what Steve had to say:

“I was born in Texas and moved to Durango, CO when I was 12 years old. Growing up I played football and really enjoyed skiing. After high school I went to college and 20 years later I finished! Since 1992 I have been living in Missoula and working as an Anesthesiologist.

Living in Missoula has been amazing for me as I get to ski, mountain bike, and kayak regularly.

Prior to beginning CrossFit I was pathetic. I worked out at Gold’s Gym doing the same ineffective thing each day. It was boring, I had no idea what I was doing, I wasn’t improving, and I felt like I was wasting my time.

After starting up I began having fun and enjoying working out. It was really challenging but everyday was different and there was always a coach there to help me and other people around that inspire me.

Mentally and physically I am way stronger and one of the biggest things I’ve noticed is my reflexes are way better.

This summer it really hit home how my fitness helps improve my life. It took some friends 7 hours to hike in on a backpacking trip and they had some mules to carry their heavy packs. I couldn’t meet them until later so had to hike in solo with my 40lb pack. I was able to do the whole hike in 4 hours including hiking over a 10,000 foot pass. When I got there I was tired but still felt good and was able to enjoy the evening with my friends.

If you are thinking about trying 5 Valleys CrossFit you owe it to yourself to give it a go. You will definitely be hooked like I was. Once you see how great it is to have a coach supporting you and how motivating it is to work out with others that also want to have fun and improve themselves you won’t turn back.”

Keep up the awesome work Steve!