5VCF Workout For Friday, April 10th

Classes will be coached and live streamed at 9am, 12pm, and 6pm on Weekdays
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8:00 at warmup pace:
20 flutter kick
10 jumping air squat
5 Plank up/down


Part A:

3 Rounds for quality:
10 SA Curls
10 SA Bent-over-Row w/pause

Any Object for these:
soup can
purse/small bag
small bucket
plastic bag w/apples

Part B:

For Time: (16:00 Cap)
30 Burpees
60 Alt Overhead Lunge
30 Burpees

*you can drop number of burpees if you need in order to finish under 16:00. either 20 burpees or 15 burpees. For the overhead lunges, you can sub either a front rack lunge or just bodyweight lunge.

Bonus Metcon

Bonus Part A:

A1: Ghost Jerks:

A2: Turkish Get-up:
3×6 ea arm

Can use db/soup can/book for tgu

Bonus Part B:

3 Rounds :
100 Du/200 Su
10 SA Push Press – R arm
10 SA Push Press – L Arm
10 Pull-up

Can use arm circles w/high knees for du/su
can use any object to press overhead
Can sub bent-over row for pull-up