5VCF Workout For Tuesday, April 7th

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3 Rounds:
10 Broomstick Goodmorning
:30 Plank from hands
10 Slow air squat
:30 birddog from knees
10 Lunge w/shoulder stretch


Part A:

3 Rounds for quality:
7 ea YTWA w/soup cans
12 Floor Press w/object
Wall-sit w/10 figure-8 ea direction (soup can or other object)

Part B:

7:00 AMRAP:
10 Kick-Sit (5 ea side)
20 Skate Jump (10 ea side)

*3:00 Rest*

7:00 AMRAP:
12 Sumo Deadlft High-pull w/object
12 Cossack Squat (6 ea side)

Bonus Metcon

Bonus Part A:

A1) Barbell Curls:

A2) Bent-over Row:
4×8 w/pause

Can use backpack/db/kb and change to Single-arm

Bonus Part B:

10 Rounds:
11 KBS
8 Sit-up
5 Burpee over KB