Workout for Friday, September 4th

Classes will be coached and live streamed at 9:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays there will be a 7am outdoor class at Toole Park (track on the Kim Williams trail).
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(To join the live workouts you need to have Zoom downloaded on your phone or computer.)
Zoom Workout

At-home workout

6:00 AMRAP:
5 Inchworm + push-up
10 Sumo Squat
8 Kick-sit
25 Jumping Jacks

Part A:
4 Rounds:
:40 Alternating Renegade Row
:20 Rest
:40 SA Floor Press (L arm)
:20 Rest
:40 Oblique Crunch (alternate hands ea round)
:20 rest
:40 SA Floor Press (R arm)
:20 rest

Part B:
16:00 EMOM:
Min 1) 15 sit-ups/weighted sit-up
Min 2) 12 Pistol Squat/SL Squat to chair
Min 3) 10 SDHP
Min 4) 12 SA Hang Clean & Press (6 ea arm)

Gym Workout

Build Day Part A:
10:00 EMOM:
Min 1) 6 Strict Press
Min 2) :30 Hollow Hold

Build Day Part B:
5:00 AMRAP:
KB Goblet squat
*1-2-3-4-5 . . etc

2:00 rest

5:00 AMRAP:
Back Rack Forward Lunge (50% Back Squat 1RM)
**can take from rack**