Workout For Monday, July 27th

Classes will be coached and live streamed at 9:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays there will be a 7am outdoor class at Toole Park (track on the Kim Williams trail).
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(To join the live workouts you need to have Zoom downloaded on your phone or computer.)
Zoom Workout

7:00 AMRAP:
25 Du/Su/small jumps
15 air squats
10 alt lizard stretch
10 kick-sits

Part A:
10:00 EMOM:
min 1) :30 Mountain climbers
min 2) :30 jump lunges

Part B:
8:00 AMRAP:
8 Burpees
8 Crunches


8:00 AMRAP:
10 russian twist (5 ea side)
10 SA Overhead Squats (5 ea)

Gym Workout

2 Rounds (8:00)
35 Du/SU
10 box jumps
15 KBS
10 front squats (empty bar)

5-10 minutes to warm up the front squat

Part A:
12:00 EMOM:
Min 1) 5 Pause front squat (heavy)
Min 2) 12 Oblique crunch (heavy)(6 ea side)
*fs pause just above and just below parallel. not a long pause, but a full stop*

Part B:
12:00 for QUALITY:
10 Snatch grip bent-over row
:30 Hanging Knee raise
10 Seated Tricep extension
:30 Weighted plank
10 SA Push Press ea arm
1:00 rest

*Go slow, but get heavy. These should be a challenge, to the point it requires legitimate focus from you in order to achieve the cleanest rep possible.*