Workout for Monday, November 16th

Classes will be coached and live streamed at 9:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays there will be a 7am outdoor class at Kiwanis Park (NOW MOVED TO ZOOM).
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Zoom Workout

At home workout:

15 jumping jacks
10 sumo squat
10 rkbs
10 hollow rock

Part A:
20:00 EMOM:
Min 1) 20 KBS
Min 2) 10 Slow lower push-up
Min 3) 20 Goblet Squat
Min 4) 10 slow laying knee tuck

Part B:
8:00 AMRAP:
Double pulsing burpee

Gym Workout

Build Day Part A:
Every :90 for 6 Rounds:
5 Deadlft w/:03 lower

Start at moderate weight and build

Build Day Part B:
16:00 EMOM:
Min 1) ME Strict Press in 1 set
Min 2) ME Strict Pull-up in 1 set
Min 3) ME Heavy Russian Swing in 1 set (70/53)
Min 4) ME Goblet Squat in 1 set (70/53)

strict press weight needs to be light enough you can do at least 8 to 10 reps unbroken

**Log Total reps, and in notes break it down by movement, so we are looking to see total strict press, total pullups, total swings, and total goblet squats**