Workout For Saturday, July 25th

Classes will be coached and live streamed at 9:30am on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesdays and Thursdays there will be a 7am outdoor class at Toole Park (track on the Kim Williams trail).
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(To join the live workouts you need to have Zoom downloaded on your phone or computer.)
Zoom Workout

Today there are 2 options

Option 1:
The “M” Trail:
3 laps up and down for time
*Wear vest or pack*

Option 2:
45:00 Trail run
Get outside and enjoy that fresh air. If you are choosing the trail run, please pack some nutrition and water, it may get hot. Stay hydrated and have fun!

Gym Workout

5:00 stretch
5:00 AMRAP:
20 skate jump
5 burpees
5 sumo squat
20 mountain climber

Part A:
30:00 AMRAP:
400m run
30 Wall ball rotational throw to the right
60 Air squats
30 Wall ball rotational throw to the left
30 pull-up
100 DU/200 SU