Member of the Month – Nate Aschliman

What was your biggest challenge prior to joining?

– My biggest challenge prior to joining 5 Valleys was that I was new to town and wanted to not only find the right gym, but the right people to surround myself with. I had a hard time finding what type of gym I wanted to commit to that would better myself for not only my day to day life, but also help make me stronger out on the trails.

How did that challenge make you feel? (more…)

4th of July – Schedule

Wednesday July 3rd – No 7:15pm MTFit class (all other classes run as usual)

Thursday July 4th – Closed

Friday July 5th – Open gym from 4-6 pm (there will be a workout up or you can do your own thing)

Saturday July 6th – Back to regular schedule 7:30 and 8:30am classes

Have an excellent holiday!!!

Member of the Month – Joseph Bailey

Tell us a little bit about yourself (work, family, etc.)

I recently graduated from school with a BS in Geography and I love not being in school anymore! I have been married for seven years, two kids (1 and 6 years old), I live a little less than a mile from the gym.


Workout Program Tracks

Starting the week of June 10th we will be offering two different workout tracks for members to follow.  We are really excited to be rolling this out as we believe by having these two options we will be able to better serve all of our members and help them reach their goals. Currently we have helped members adjust workouts individually on a case by case basis. This will still be the case but everyone will have a better starting point based on where they are at and what their goals are.  One track will be called Fitness and the other Performance. Below are the focuses of those tracks.

To see the best results from your training you will need to follow one track continuously (not jump back and forth between them).

If you have any questions please reach out to one of the coaches:)

Check out the video above for more details.

Fitness Track:

Your primary goal is to feel good as well as long term health and longevity.

You want to improve overall strength, mobility, fitness, and training consistency so you can enjoy pursuits/activities outside the gym.

Performance Track:

Your primary goal is to develop skills, strength, and fitness more specific to CrossFit.

You have a solid strength, movement, and fitness foundation. You want to test yourself inside the gym and potentially participate in CrossFit style competition.

Member of the Month – Jill Graniero

What were you doing for fitness before you joined?

I stayed active most of my life by playing sports. I payed basketball through high school and  softball all the way through college. Once I graduated from college, I stayed active by doing a ton of endurance races like the Tough Mudder and Spartan Race (I have more participation medals then I can count). Those races are usually a combination of strength and endurance, so I decided to join CrossFit in order to better prepare myself. I joined a local CrossFit gym back in my hometown of Staten Island, NY, and I have been doing CrossFit pretty consistently for about 7 years now.


Workout Posts

If you are looking for the daily workouts please go to “blog” on the menu bar and click workout in the drop down.

Thursday, March 14th

A) Ring Work/Skin the Cat:
15:00 to drill ring work/safety and learn the movement “Skin the cat”

B) 4 Rounds NFT:
:30 L-Sit
3-5 Strict Ring Muscle-Up
ME Hollow Hold
ME Plank (up to 2:00)

Wednesday, March 13th

A) 14:00 EMOM:
1) 3 Snatch Pulls
2) 2 Squat Snatch

Build throughout

B) 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1: (10:00 Cap)

Tuesday, March 12th

A) Every 2:00 for 12:00:
8 Deadlift
ME Hollow Hold

Reps of deadlift should be done as Tng. Can build throughout workout if wanted, but must maintain TnG

B) For Time: (15:00 Cap)
1K Row
30 T2B/K2C
30 Push Press (115/75)
30 T2B/K2C