Workout Program Tracks

Starting the week of June 10th we will be offering two different workout tracks for members to follow.  We are really excited to be rolling this out as we believe by having these two options we will be able to better serve all of our members and help them reach their goals. Currently we have helped members adjust workouts individually on a case by case basis. This will still be the case but everyone will have a better starting point based on where they are at and what their goals are.  One track will be called Fitness and the other Performance. Below are the focuses of those tracks.

To see the best results from your training you will need to follow one track continuously (not jump back and forth between them).

If you have any questions please reach out to one of the coaches:)

Check out the video above for more details.

Fitness Track:

Your primary goal is to feel good as well as long term health and longevity.

You want to improve overall strength, mobility, fitness, and training consistency so you can enjoy pursuits/activities outside the gym.

Performance Track:

Your primary goal is to develop skills, strength, and fitness more specific to CrossFit.

You have a solid strength, movement, and fitness foundation. You want to test yourself inside the gym and potentially participate in CrossFit style competition.

21 Day Challenge!

The sun is shining! I don’t know about you but this makes me eager to be outside more and break out the shorts and flip flops.

Does that make you a bit hesitant? Are you feeling a little sluggish after the dark winter months? Do you feel the need for a reset before you can really take advantage of the longer, warmer, brighter days? Do you need accountability and direction for your health to thrive?

If this sounds like you, then you MUST sign up for our 21 day challenge! This challenge is designed so you can get what YOU came for. Want to lose weight? Cool! Want to be more active? Sweet! Looking to eat better or sleep better? We got you covered!

You will receive bi-weekly accountability emails, a closed FB group with daily motivation from myself and the other participants, and 24/7 email support. The guidelines of the challenge will truly spring you into great health. You can begin your spring on the front foot, instead of feeling like you’re chasing your health through the summer.

The best part… The cost is solely up to you! You have to place a bet on yourself to achieve your goal. This should be an amount of money that will hurt if you lose it, but will also drive you to keep pushing through the whole 21 days. This number will be different for everyone. You get to choose how much you contribute, and at the end of the challenge when you reach your goal, you will receive 90% of this investment back! For example wager $100 on yourself, and you will receive $90 back, when you achieve your goal. That means the whole challenge has just cost you $10 or $0.47c/day. My desire is that I get to return everyone’s money to them. The 10% fee that you pay is for accountability, processing and support.

This challenge is open to everyone. Sign up with a friend, significant other and/or a family member. It’s always more fun with a friend involved! So who do you know (besides yourself) who could benefit from a challenge like this one? Share this post with them today!

For more information enter your details at this website and then check your inbox!

Peace, Love and Wellness

Dr. Liz

Are you ready for the Holidays??


It always feels like the end of the year is a mad rush. Between working, Christmas shopping, holiday parties, and organizing travel arrangements or hosting family, everything seems to be happening at once. At this time of year it is pretty easy to let things slide fitness wise. Fill out the form below to get our Holiday Readiness Quiz. See how you stack up and get some excellent ideas on how to navigate this holiday season and keep your health and fitness on track.

Thanks to our Member Appreciation Week Sponsors!!

We had an amazing Member Appreciation week and we couldn’t have done it without our sponsors. Please support these fantastic local businesses!

Amy Price – Missoula Massage Therapy – Everyone who got a chance to benefit from Amy’s deep tissue massage loved it.  It was a great compliment to all of those sore CrossFit muscles.  If you are interested in booking a massage with Amy, call her on 707-599-4414.

Green Source – If you haven’t already, you really need to try the smoothies, bowls, and cold pressed juices at Green Source.  Your body will thank you!  Thank you Green Source for all of those gift certificates for Member Appreciation Week.

Iron Cakes – I can’t decide which waffle was my favorite…chocolate chip or jalapeno bacon?  They were both amazing!  Thank you Coach Scott for providing waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner at 5 Valleys.  For more iron cakes, check out the Iron Cakes food truck schedule on their Facebook page.

Kettlehouse Brewery – Why do beer and CrossFit go so well together?  Thank you Kettlehouse Brewery for supplying beer to our hard working Friday night CrossFitters.

Kornutopia –  Thank you Kornutopia of Missoula for providing a gift certificate for our Member Appreciation Week drawing.  Enjoy!

Nourishing Cultures – A big thank you to Nourishing Cultures for donating all of that delicious kombucha.  For more information on the benefits of kombucha and where to find Nourishing Cultures around town check out their website.

Painting With a Twist – What a fun gift!  Thank you to Painting With a Twist for providing one of our members the opportunity to express themselves through art.

Taste Buds Kitchen – Thanks Taste Buds Kitchen!  I can’t wait to hear what the lucky 5 Valleys member who won the Taste Buds Kitchen gift certificate makes during their cooking event. Bon appetit!

Recommit To Resolutions Challenge!

4 week Challenge starting May 15th

Why should you join this Challenge?? Because, everything is designed to help you create sustainable habits that will lead you to the results you’re looking for. I know I’ve personally set hundreds of goals. The ones I’ve achieved were the ones I’d written down, shared with and surrounded myself with people that would support me in attaining them. Looking back on the goals that have gotten away I’ve realized they actually wishes or dreams. Things I kept in my head and didn’t take actual steps towards reaching them. If you’re looking for extra guidance and whole lot of motivation, this Challenge is definitely for you!

Challenge Includes:

  • Nutrition Seminar – Tuesday May 16th at 7:15pm
  • Goal Setting Training, Weekly Homework and Accountability
  • 45 minute One on One Skills Session
  • Prizes for the top finishers

Cost for the entire Challenge is $79 for members

We will be using a Scoring System to determine the Challenge Winners

Scoring System – You get 20 points per week. If you follow the guidelines you get to keep all your points. If you stray then you will lose some of your points. Here’s what you need to do to keep all your points:

Workouts:  Workout/Exercise on at least 5 of 7 days of the week. These don’t all have to be CrossFit classes. You can also go running, hiking, biking, etc or do an at home bodyweight circuit (we will send out some options for at home workouts). The goal is to get lots of movement throughout the week with some intensity. For every day you miss a workout below the five you lose one point that week (e.g. you do 2 CrossFit classes and go for 1 run you would be at 3 workouts so would lose 2 points). Note you can’t make up for lost workouts by doing multiple workouts on one day it has to be 5 different days in the week.

Nutrition rules: There are three lists below the 1) the Unlimited List, 2) the Not Permitted list and 3) the Limited List. As long as you don’t eat anything from the not permitted list or go over the limit on the limited list you get to keep all your points. Each time you eat something from the not permitted list or go over on the limited list you lose 1 point (e.g. I eat 3 servings of dark chocolate one day I would lose 2 points because the limit is 1 per day). We will provide more detailed lists for anyone in the challenge.

Bonus points: Track your food intake using myfitnesspal or a similar app for 1 consecutive week get 5 bonus points. You can earn this bonus each week. Post about your goals to the Facebook Challenge group you earn 5 bonus points for a written post and 10 bonus points if you post a video. This will be a closed group that only people in the Challenge will see. (If you don’t have Facebook you can email this to me and I can share it with others in the Challenge.)

Alright gang thems the rules. Scoring will be on the honor system and I will send out a weekly form to get your scores. Liz and I ran very similar challenges at our CrossFit in New Zealand and our members there saw some really amazing results. Fill out the form below if you want in:)

-Includes Fish, chicken, steak etc

Non Starchy Vegetables
-Includes Greens, bell peppers, carrots etc.

Not Permitted
Processed foods and baked goods
-Includes bread, muffins, tortillas, pasta etc.

Items with added sugar
-Like most desserts, ice cream, milk chocolate (dark chocolate is okay but on limited list).

Deep Fried Foods
-Pretty obvious here but things like French fries, fried chicken etc.

Alcohol – 3 drink limit per week

Dark Chocolate – 1 serving per day (1 serving not 1 Bar)

Fruit Juice – 6oz limit per day

The main focus with the nutrition is to reduce intake of added sugars and processed foods and eat an adequate amount of protein. During the Nutrition Seminar and throughout the Challenge we will cover more specifics on how to dial in your nutrition based on your goals.

Join the Challenge!

Build the right foundation. Part 1 – Lifestyle

For the most part everyone seems to understand that the combination of nutrition, exercise and lifestyle will allow you, or prevent you, to get the results you want. At the gym we strive to provide a balanced program that allows everyone to continually see gains in strength and fitness. In order to support these continual physical improvements, it is imperative to also look at your lifestyle and nutrition habits.

Ask yourself the question: “Are my lifestyle and nutrition habits helping or hindering me from achieving the results I want?” For me I know the answer is sometimes they are helping and sometimes they are hindering. My aim is to steadily shift my habits to be more consistent in supporting my goals. Getting the right foundation will set you up for long term success. Today, we will touch on the lifestyle aspect which is something that often gets left behind when trying to get stronger, leaner or more fit.

Lifestyle would definitely include nutrition and exercise, but for our purposes we will talk about lifestyle in terms of sleep and stress. If there is one thing you can do right now to improve your lifestyle, it is getting adequate and quality sleep. For nearly everyone, getting between 7-9 hours of good sleep will do the trick. Among other things lack of sleep increases stress hormones, inhibits digestion and reduces physical and cognitive function. Many people who get less sleep think they are someone who just doesn’t need that much sleep and can function without it. Unfortunately they are just operating at what is a new normal and this level is sub-optimal for maintaining health in the long term.


Earlier in the week I experienced this firsthand. Generally, I get a good night’s sleep of around 8 hours but on Monday I had an adult league hockey game that started at 11:30pm. I wasn’t able to fall asleep until close to 3am and only got about 5 hours in. I’m still paying for it even after a couple of full night’s sleep. I’ve struggled with staying focused and after doing the class on Wednesday morning which normally leaves me feeling energized (after a little recovery that is), I was shattered and felt much more stiff and sore. While this might be a bit of an extreme example chronic lack of sleep will easily lead to similar dysfunction.

Another major part of lifestyle is stress. This includes work stress, relationship stress, physical stress, environmental stress etc. Stress gets a bit of a bad rap as only negative, but our capability to respond to it are actually vital to our function. Our outlook on stress and our ability to adjust to it are actually much more important than the amount of stress in our life (watch video below). If we view stress only as negative and don’t have a healthy way to manage it, chronically high stress levels from any source, or combination of sources, will be detrimental to short term performance and long term health. This can negatively impact a whole host of things including our immune systems, digestion, recovery from exercise and hormone regulation.

Fortunately, there are many healthy ways to manage stress. These include appropriate levels of exercise (this can change at different periods of our life), proper nutrition, chiropractic care, meditation, and regularly interacting with positive people to name a few. In the next post we will dive into setting up a solid nutrition foundation. If you have any questions feel free to post to comments or email me:

Barbells and Brews Workouts!!

Workout 1 (100 points):
11 minute AMRAP
Buy In: Wallball Shuttle Run with 20lb wallball
Then in remaining time as many reps as possible of:
20 Box Jump Overs (30/24)
14 Chest to bar Pull-ups
After finishing the Wallball shuttle run, teammate one will perform 10 consecutive box jump overs then teammate two will perform 10 box jump overs (either athlete can flip to change the height). Once the 20 reps are complete the team will move onto the pull-up station with teammate one performing 7 chest to bar pull-ups then teammate two completing 7.
Both athletes must remain at either the box jump or pull-up station until all reps for team are complete i.e. one partner can’t run ahead and wait at the pull-up station while their partner finishes the box jumps.
Score is total # of reps for the box jump overs and chest to bars.

11 minute AMRAP
Wallball Shuttle Run with 14llb wallball
Then in remaining time as many reps as possible of:
20 Box Jump Overs (24/20)
10 Pull-ups (partner can assist)
(each teammate will perform 10 consecutive reps at box jump station for 20 total reps for the team and 5 consecutive reps at pull-up station)
Score is total # of reps

Workout 2a (50 Points):
3 minute AMRAP
5 Snatches Male Rx – 115 Scaled – 75
5 Snatches Female Rx – 75 Scaled – 55
Cannot start snatches until teammates barbell is on the ground

Rest 2 minutes then

Workout 2b (50 Points):
6 minute AMRAP
Female performs
6 Shoulder to Overhead Rx – 75 Scaled – 55
6 Alternating Reverse Lunges Rx – 75 Scaled – 55 (3 each leg)
Both teammates do 4 burpee bar hops
Male performs
6 Shoulder to Overhead Rx – 115 Scaled – 75
6 Alternating Reverse Lunges Rx – 115 Scaled – 75 (3 each leg)
Both teammates do 4 burpee bar hops
Cannot start burpees until the bar from partner that just finished the lunges is back on the ground. Also cannot start Shoulder to Overhead until both teammates have completed all burpees.

Rest 2 minutes then

Workout 2c (50 Points):
3 minutes Max Rep Toes to Bar
3 minutes Max Rep Knees to Chest (Knees must break parallel) or Toes to Bar
Athletes need to inform their judge prior to starting if they will be doing Toes to Bar or Knees to Chest. Each Knees to Chest is worth one rep and each Toe to Bar is worth 2 reps. Both athletes on the team must do the same option (i.e. the female teammate cannot do toes to bar and the male do knees to chest or vice versa).
One partner goes at a time and other cannot start until they are completely off the bar.

Score is total reps at each station. 2a, 2b and 2c will be scored as separately with points for each workout.

Workout 3 (100 Points): Death by Clean and Front Squat
Each minute on the minute Athletes will have 1 minute to perform
1 Clean, 1 Front Squat
2 Cleans, 2 Front Squats
3 Cleans, 3 Front Squats
4 Cleans, 4 Front Squats
5 Cleans, 5 Front Squats
6 Cleans, 6 Front Squats
7 Cleans, 7 Front Squats
8 Cleans, As many front squats as possible in the remaining time
Rx (145/105), Scaled (105/75)

Both teammates will go through at the same time. If one cannot complete all the reps one round then they do not move on to the next station. If their teammate does complete all the reps they will still continue on in the workout. Score is total reps completed.

Olympic Weightlifting Seminar April 17th

Hey All! Due to Spring Break we have shifted the Olympic Weightlifting Seminar. It will now be on Sunday April 17th. The seminar will run from 8am to 4pm with an hour break for lunch. The seminar will be run by Kathleen Winters a member of the U.S. National weightlifting team and winner of Nationals in 2015 for her weight class. Kathleen or KD is the owner of CrossFit Belgrade and is competing at the U.S. Olympic Trials in early May with a great chance to qualify for the Olympics in Rio this summer.

Liz and I participated in a Seminar run by KD earlier this year and it was fantastic. Even though Liz and I have both been lifting for awhile to have someone of this caliber running the seminar we both picked up lots of great information and coaching that has helped with our lifts.

This seminar would be perfect for anyone that wants to dig deeper into understanding the fundamentals of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. It will also be very hands on so you will receive specific coaching to help you improve.

Cost for the seminar is $110 for members and $140 for non-members. Other Olympic Lifting seminars range between $300 to $500 per day plus the cost to travel so this is a great bargain.

To find out more about KD check the link below and also there is a video of some of her lifts from nationals below that link.

Click Here to Register (use promo code: 5vcf member)

The CrossFit Open is Coming

Well it’s almost that time again! Nervous anticipation for the workout to come out each week. Butterflies in your stomach while you get ready to tackle each workout. Pushing yourself to the limits while everyone is cheering you on.
Yup the Open is upon us.
This will be my 6th year doing the CrossFit Open and I still get both excited and a bit anxious for the workouts to be released. I love the energy and excitement the competition brings out in everyone and the support the entire community shows. It is awesome to once again see lots of first timers signed up to test their fitness out over the 5 weeks. Here are a couple of things that you need to know:

– The workouts are released each Thursday at 6pm (starting February 25th). This is a live event of usually two games athletes tackling the workout head to head. You can watch that on:

– To view the workout description and standards go to: Please watch the video of the movements and workout explanation each week so you know the standards you have to meet in order for each rep to count.

– We will perform the workouts as a group on Friday evenings. Warm-ups will start at 6:15pm during the regular class, so be mindful of the class and try not to interrupt their workout while you are getting ready. If for some reason you cannot make the Friday workout, you can complete it at another time, but you must talk to one of the coaches beforehand. Don’t wait until Monday afternoon.

– Everyone needs to have someone judge their movements and count their reps. We will go in three waves. One group completing the workout, a group judging and another group continuing to warm-up and get ready to go. While you are not required to judge anyone if you really don’t want to, we will need judges for each athlete. If you aren’t competing, you can still be a judge if you would like. It is a great way to be involved even if you don’t want to compete.

You must submit your own score online!!! We will validate your score so it will show up on the leaderboard but we cannot submit your score for you. Please submit it as soon as possible so you don’t end up forgetting. The deadline for submitting is 5pm on Monday! If you miss this deadline you will not be able to see your rank for the remainder of the workouts and your scores will not count for our teams scores. Their is a CrossFit Games app for the iPhone which I would recommend so you can easily submit your score.

– Most of you may know but there is a scaled version of all the workouts. You will have to decide if you are going to do the RX or scaled version before you start each workout.

Even if you aren’t competing in the Open we would love to have you there on Friday nights hanging out, cheering everyone on and maybe helping out with judging if you are keen. Feel free to bring along some adult beverages and/or snacks and enjoy the show!