Pay it Forward

Thanksgiving 2015 has been and gone. As always this time of year brings to mind all of the things that we can be thankful for. This includes (and obviously is not limited to) family, friends, and our health. Each one of you that comes into the gym is obviously a health conscious person. One of the things that you value is your health otherwise you wouldn’t be spending your time, your money or energy at the gym. You can be sure that you are surrounded by like minded people whenever you get your workout in!

This time of year also highlights those in our society who don’t have the same kind of resources that others enjoy. For many, sitting around a table at a holiday (no matter what you celebrate) doesn’t bring the same joy. Celebration isn’t a word they use around the holidays because people in our society are barely surviving, let alone thriving. This is why for the month of December, Primal Practice Chiropractic is running a food drive to benefit the Missoula Food Bank called Pay it Forward.

Pay it Forward is an opportunity for you to help those that are less fortunate while also benefitting your own health. From the 1st of December through the 24th of December, the Pay it Forward campaign will save you more the 75% on your new client consultation! The only catch is that you need to bring 5 non-perishable food items with you to your appointment. If you have been thinking about finding out how Chiropractic can benefit your health, your workouts and your body, now is the time to make an appointment. Call the office at (406) 549-8969, head to the Facebook page or shoot me an email to get yourself booked in.

IMG_2704Dr. Liz Marshall – Chiropractor

But I can’t do CrossFit I am too…

For those of us that do CrossFit, I am sure you have heard someone in your life say “I can’t do CrossFit I am too [insert excuse here].” They range from too out of shape, too weak, too old, too fat, too lazy, too busy, and too uncoordinated. When I hear all these excuses, it makes me cringe. Most of the time I feel like I hide it pretty well, but sometimes I know this is not the case as I am not the most subtle person in the world!

These excuses are all apart of that person’s fear. Fear comes in many forms and we all fall victim to listening to our own fears. Someone smarter than me once said that fear is an acronym that stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. This couldn’t be more true. The judgmental voice that we have in our own heads is so far removed from how others see us, it should be comical. But, this voice is what stops us trying new things and stepping outside our comfort zone. Sometimes all it takes to overcome your F.E.A.R is being able to recognize that it is happening.

So for this upcoming week I challenge you to identify when your F.E.A.R is stopping you from doing something and then do it anyway. Don’t let something that scares you hold you back from trying it. As we start bring a buddy week next week I am sure you will hear all the excuses I mentioned above. Ask your friend or family member what they are afraid of and what do they have to lose besides an hour of their day. At the very least they will hate it but get a great workout, and at the most you will convert them into a CrossFit junkie. Most likely it will be somewhere in between, but only if they can overcome that little voice inside their head.

I am looking forward to meeting all your buddies! Thanks for reading.

Dr. Liz Marshall – Chiropractor

Member Benchmark Board

We will be updating the “Member Benchmark” board by the end of the weekend, Sunday. Please write down your weights and times as we will be completely erasing the board and adding more relevant benchmark WODs and lifts, as well as freeing up more space for newer members.

PR Board

What Example Are You Setting?

What example are you setting?

I spend a lot of time on Instagram. That sounds a bit like a confession, and it isn’t actually all that long, but I do like to peruse the pictures and videos a couple of times a day if I find myself with an extra minute. To be honest the majority of my feed and suggested feed is related to CrossFit or food. It is pretty representative of what I think about for the majority of the day, and if you could take interesting Chiropractic photos/videos then that would complete my trifecta. Lately, what has caught my eye is that there are a lot of little kids in the gym copying their parents, and by little I mean, 2 or 3 years old. These are the kids that CrossFit kids classes don’t really cater to. This isn’t just something I see on Instagram either, it is happening right under our noses at 5 Valleys CrossFit and It got me thinking how times have changed.

When I was a kid, I used to go to the gym with my mom as well, but instead of watching her workout I was put in the kids area and was babysat by a couple of middle aged women. Now, obviously it is not appropriate to have a bunch of kids running around the gym at all times of the day, but I definitely feel like I missed out. The kiddos that get to see their parents working out, not only want to be like them, the example that is being set for them is priceless. They are being shown that it is important to take care of their bodies, to do something they love, to move and all while having fun.

Too many people dread exercising and they don’t realize that this attitude also passes down to their kids. I am so happy to say that the kids that get to come into the gym on a regular basis will not have that attitude, and hopefully they will make movement a priority for their life.

IMG_2704Dr. Liz Marshall – Chiropractor